What we Teach our Children



Please son, always be

compassionate, kind and true.

Loving, thoughtful too.

Whilst caustic, hostile bigots

are celebrated in view.


Tonight I attended my sons parents night. He’s doing great academically but needs to work on handwriting and he’s a dreamer.   What I was most proud of is that he’s a nice little guy. He has a sense of humour and is full of empathy for others. Always the first to offer help if someone is struggling in class.  If he wasn’t doing well academically but tried and was a kind considerate child then I’d still be as proud.

I didn’t want to go into politics, but it’s been playing on my mind. In my home life and work life as a childminder, I prioritise empathy and consideration for others. Intimidation, threatening behaviour, bullying and intolerance are dealt with and the affect on others explained. Kindness, compassion and helping others are encouraged. This is just decent behaviour though, isn’t it? The way most people are brought up?  To be nice and caring and truthful.

I’ve been watching the American election coverage out of my sons view recently. So many clips of Trump using hateful language had me worried that he’d view this as acceptable behaviour.

Now that Trump is moving in to the White House I suppose I better get used to seeing him on my screen. My boy knew who he was and had seen him; but today watched a few clips and we’ve discussed what our views are of him. We’ve told him that some adults don’t use very nice words or actions to talk about others.  That even though he has a powerful job now, it’s still not acceptable to act in this way towards others.

It’s great to live in a democracy and half of America are happy with the result at the moment. Trump is now (probably) the most powerful man in the world.  He’s managed to get the top job without showing any of the qualities I encourage my son and other children to possess.  I hope children don’t begin to think that this language and hate filled behaviour is the mark of a successful person.

I live in Scotland. Trump loves Scotland and his mother was from the Scottish Highlands. Most of Scotland doesn’t love Trump though.



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