Think Twice

I’m rarely on Facebook nowadays because I felt much of it was superficial and not representative of how people are living or feeling.  This isn’t the best poem I’ve written but it’s a reflection of how I find it a lot of the time. How the person portrays their life on Facebook is the first part of each line, followed by how they’re actually feeling in brackets:


Lee tells them all she’s feeling blessed (but sinking deeper and depressed).

Friday selfies to show how she’s dressed (keeps to herself she’s feeling stressed).

He posts photos of his new Audi (the Mrs thinks his taste is gaudy).

Look at the pecks on his body! (He wants to feel like a somebody).

Drinking Cava on a school night (she’s worried she’s not feeling right).

Jessica’s son’s future is bright (it’s a shame his mind’s full of spite).

Off on holiday yet again! (money they don’t have, down the drain).

Happy group photos from a plane! (mummy thinks she won’t remain sane).

Snapchat flower filters galore (anything’s better than before).

Admiring men want to see more  (it’s not men she’s looking to score).


Hyperbolic boasting designed to entice

If you think they’re all happy – you’d better think twice.


I used to be  addicted to Facebook. Every hour I had to check up on my friends, see what they’d been up to and ‘like’ some posts. For years I did this quite happily, but then more people tried ‘friending’ me. I didn’t want to be impolite, so I accepted.  Soon I realised I wasn’t so interested in what the girl two years below me at school had for her dinner again. She walked past me in the street – some friend she was! 🙂

I’ve relatives and friends scattered around the world and Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with them.  Some if it is just superficial though, isn’t it? For example, there’s that time I looked at wonderful holiday snaps a good friend had posted to Facebook. The family looked happy and the location was glorious. We spoke about the holiday on their return.  It’s then that she informed me that when those photos were taken, the family had an almighty fight and most of them fell out for hours afterwards.  This sort of thing puzzles me. Why put on this front to the world that everything was amazing, when they were miserable at that time? It’s not like they told a white lie when someone asked. They actually went to the bother to post the photos for all to see, telling us they were having ‘an amazing’ time.  This is just one example I found out about – but there’s many more!

That’s just one reason I don’t go on Facebook as much any more.




21 thoughts on “Think Twice

  1. Social media is a vicious cycle like that. That’s why I don’t use anything besides Pinterest (I get my ideas for DIY crafts on there.) The poem reminded me of Jessie J’s song “You Don’t Really Know Me.”

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  2. I have, at various times, been cowed into getting back on Facebook, “it is a necessity” they tell me. Every time I do I have a hard time sleeping at night. I will spend days obsessing over the vapid nature of it all and eventually talking myself into deactivating my account.

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  3. Poem is great. I have stopped going to facebook myself. I go once a week to see if my relatives have anything important on there. It is no longer a sharing about ourselves kind of place. All my friends and relatives on Facebook are sharing posts from others and never anything about themselves. A video from somewhere, a funny picture, reposting this and that from others. It is such a waste of time. Why does someone post 10 or more post from other people on their facebook page and never anything about them.
    I enjoyed your post amileinmyshoes.

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  4. Great post…I had to take a break from it for awhile…so much is fake. I loved this line btw, made me laugh:
    Snapchat flower filters galore (anything’s better than before). 😉


  5. You captured the duality well. I gave it up too. It’s a toxic place. Sometimes it’s like keeping up with The Joneses on a global scale while the comments you find on articles often feel like having hoodies gather to hurl abuse outside your house. Nobody wants that.


  6. So very true! I loved the poem! A lot of people are slowly realizing the same thing but the pressure to remain connected is too strong. “You need connections” they tell me. My friends are actually asking me to join facebook, just to share my blog,”there’s nothing like the power of social media” they say, but I’m still a little apprehensive. Its so true that our facebook “friends” dont even say hi when we walk by them. Its just a number.This is something I feel about, rather strongly. Loved your post.

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  7. Had a nice chuckle at the “pecks” line! I often wonder at the kind of gumption (or insecurity) it takes to post something like that.

    I’ve been social media awkward for that reason (and because I’ve been super private). I’ve found pockets of enjoyment on Facebook (still trying to learn how to use Pinterest!), but I prefer sitting with someone and chatting any day.

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