That Night


Humid heat and perfume,

dance around with beers.

Bitter Sweet Symphony

playing in my ears.


Sweaty people jostle

for first getting rounds.

You stood there before me

fading out surrounds.


Thought you were your brother;

we smiled holding eyes.

You did things he never –

body sensitized.


We both loved Jimmy Stuart…

time zoomed pub was closed.

Outside we talked for hours –

feeling were exposed


Relished your everything –

lay down for a year.

You joined hearts with string –

but love was never clear.


Crumbled hopes and trampled heart

Bandaged up, shipped away.

But sometimes I go back there

inside – when days are grey.


I write under a pen name and nobody in my life knows I have a blog. They’re never heard of Beth O’Neal. Here’s a little poem my husband wouldn’t like. If it disappears along with chunk of other stuff, Beth has been outed.  I love my husband, he’s a better man than this one. Still, it’s nice to romanticise the past 😉

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