Walk a Mile

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This morning I saw this and it made my heart sing:


After some googling I discovered it’s a copy of a similar text on another church website here http://allsaintsnet.org/

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just opened my eyes or because there is less tolerance around, but everywhere I look I am bombarded by judgemental comments and criticism. There is an upcoming election in America and in Britain we have a time of political uncertainty.  I understand tensions are high. I’m however saddened to hear so many people use hate language. It’s generally not aimed at myself – I’m white, British, married and work part-time. I tick some acceptable boxes.  Ok, some find it weird I only have one child or they ask why I only work part time. They ask because they are different. Those around me who are being judged; the problem is they’re different from those doing the judging.

I’ve limited my time on Facebook because my ‘friends’ (I use the term loosely) feel the need to share those posts that have been made up to incite hatred. You know, those ones like ‘Germany has banned pork from school canteens because it offends Muslim migrants. This isn’t right. BAN ALL MUSLIMS.’ Of course, a quick look on Snopes usually sorts out the fake from the genuine, but these sharers never do this. The hate then spreads along with another urban myth. If you see these things on social media, I’d recommend checking out the source on Snopes.  I direct to the website often enough!  Here are a few examples of recent examples of hatred and judging:

  • I know some young single mothers. These young women work very hard in their part-time jobs and are fantastic parents. They get talked about for sponging off the government and being irresponsible parents.
  • Other parents I know are in their 40’s and have young children. Of course, they were selfish to have their children so late. They’ll leave behind young adults when they die and it’s just selfish! Obviously their careers came first!
  • That person is single and what age? Why? What’s wrong with them?
  • Church goers are judgemental. Half of them aren’t ‘good’ people and don’t deserve to go to church, but they judge others.
  • Those with metal health issues, they just need to sort themselves out. Take a long hard look at themselves. Get back to work and stop moping.
  • They don’t have a child. Humph!
  • Addiction issues? You are scum. Alcoholics are preferred but you’re all useless.
  • Foreign? Not from around these parts? OMG! Leave and please don’t kill us!
  • Old folk are useless, lonely and grumpy. Their voting in the referendum ruined our futures – gits, all of them!
  • Young folk are useless hippy wasters. No respect.

I’ll end it here. Isn’t it refreshing to see such a lovely church invitation? I’m not a church goer, but if I did go I’d pick one like this.

Show a little love and empathy today. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!

I wanted to name my blog this but it was taken.

26 thoughts on “Walk a Mile

  1. Good post! My church recently took a step and changed the front of our bulletin to say very similar. I follow the Center for Action and Contemplation and began putting links to that site on my front page. Begun by a Franciscan Priest – his words reach many ears, including many clergy. He is a Spiritual master. I see hope for our generation and the future of others, if we are able to get across that we are all the same, all saints and sinners – good and bad. We are all one 😉 ~ rambling. Thanks for the great post!

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  2. The Cathedral posting is very refreshing! I agree with FB – there is so much hatred out there. People judging other people without even knowing the details of any situation. You gave lots to think about!

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  3. I love this post. It reminds me to just always be who I am, regardless of haters impression about me. There is so much judgement everywhere and people have forgotten not to judge others but who cares anyway.

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  4. I agree with everything you’ve said, I usually do, great post, the church if it is to survive has to change. I am not a church goer but I am a believer and I am very spiritual…. but when I tried going to church I came across a lot of narrow mined bigots. Facebook in my opinion is the worst thing EVER, I tried that only briefly and could not stand it….. now I will get off my soap box and walk home 🚶‍♀️

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  5. Reblogged this on a bliss of birds and commented:
    Her post speaks for itself, but Amen! I don’t know about the rest of you, but couldn’t we all use a little more empathy and compassion and A LOT judgment.
    Thank you, Beth O’Neal!
    (And believe me – this was a much needed post. There’s been a lot of drama in my division at the university.)

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