Music and Dancing

It’s day 10 and the final day of the Introduction to Poetry course –  it’s the Sonnet. This has been a bumpy ride as I’ve been tired (ok, hungover) after my party and had my first case of writers block since I began writing in August. I usually pride myself in managing to put something together but I just couldn’t think of anything decent to write. Perhaps I got hung up on the pressure? It’s a sonnet after all – a scary sonnet!  In the end I wrote two and neither of which I’m proud of. I have to move forward though or I fear I’ll just lose confidence and fall flat. Here is more information on the course. They both use three stanzas of 4, then a rhyming couplet at the end – 4442.

Music and Dancing

Music and dancing and friendships on fire.

Cute lusty lovers with bright futures ahead.

Big foreign holidays, lives to admire –

nothing was better than twice buttered bread.


Music was halted and friends stopped their dancing.

Death came a knocking and work stole the sleep.

Cash stopped flowing and illness advancing –

nothing’s more spoiled than things that don’t keep.


Doctors appointments and long hospital stays.

Sick days that spread out to weeks and then more.

Tired and grieving and used to these ways –

nothing’s more weary than drifting from shore.


When the biting hurts, when the dancing stops, when we’re out of hope;

we remember the luck has run out, and all we can do is cope.


Am I Enough?

I am enough for you?

Do you want me to stay?

Will we stick like glue,

‘til we’re old and grey?


Will you still touch my skin

when my looks start to fade?

If I’m no longer be thin –

Should I hide in the shade?


Mind may start to wander,

might forget who you are.

Will you grow less fonder,

and watch from afar?


You always remind me our ties won’t sever –

you’ll be sticking like glue to me forever.

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