Got to End

Another poem using Anaphora, the task for Day 8 of the Introduction to Poetry course. This one is in response to the daily prompt ‘banned’.


She needs to rein it in;

got to end.

Soon –

got cash,

wants to spend.


She needs to try her best;

got to end.

Girls got plans.

Wasted –

it’s the weekend.


She needs to cut it down;

got to end.

Sailing solo

adrift –

must not descend.


She needs to try and stop;

got to end.


Mind games,

round and round the bend.


She needs to terminate;

got to end.

Drunk again.

Blanket ban.

Money drain.

Broke another friend.


She needs to rein it in;

got to end.


Got cash,

wants to spend.


 And so it goes on and on.

10 thoughts on “Got to End

  1. I have to admit, I had to look up “Anaphora” – this is a new concept and term to me. 🙂 And I have to further admit, it seems like an incredibly difficult writing technique — especially in the short form of a poem.

    It is interesting to read this poem and then think about your other poems. This anaphora shortened your lines and added an edginess to your writing voice. Did it feel different to write this poem? It’s great, in my opinion! 🙂

    I am interested and curious to see how you will develop your poems once the poetry class is complete. 🙂 Definitely keep sharing the technique you are using (and maybe use tags so that the other poems in that style (anaphora, for example) can be brought up as well. (Just a suggestion, of course. But what a fabulous way to catalog and document your progress here on your website!)


    • Thanks again. I deliberately tried to shorten this poem because I know my poems can be on the long side. Sadly there’s only one day left of the poetry course. Will I go backwards and unlearn what I’ve learned? Or progress? Maybe I need tasks to give me direction? I’m apprehensive! All of my poems are my babies and I can’t tell which ones are better than the others. So if I can’t tell what is good, how can I improve? I should go through them and tag, thanks 🙂

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      • That is always so hard – how to keep the learning and momentum after a class ends, and then also how to revise and improve. Maybe that First Friday WordPress offers might be worth investigating for additional feedback. 🙂 And ultimately, write for you – if you like it and feel that you can’t alter it anymore, then done is done! 🙂

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