Different Classes



In response to the daily word prompt tiny. *This more or less describes my past 20 years in 32 short lines.

Tiny town;

factory closedown.

The workers betrayed –

but the bills needing paid.


Child churning,

ambition burning.

Her chances snuffed out

by their damaging doubt.


Horses high –

shot down to die.

Get head out the clouds

‘cause we’re working class crowds.


Growing girl

lets her dreams unfurl.

Sails to the city,

to the bright and witty.


Oil rains

on platinum lanes.

Money for danger

but not gonna change her.


Snobs around –

they’re two for a pound.

Smirk at downtrodden

but conscience is sodden.


Then she’s back

on tiny town track.

Biggest house on the hill

but with local ill will.


She now knows

under different clothes;

rich and poor are the same –

they need someone to blame.


*Don’t think there’s any ill will, but it makes for a better story.

10 thoughts on “Different Classes

  1. I like how you’ve made each stanza a different chapter. I particularly love the imagery of oil raining down on platinum lanes. And it’s a good job ‘she’ learnt something at the end, after coming back full circle.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Glad you’re happy. I also went back. People are alike everywhere – just different levels of snobbery/inverted snobbery from those unsatisfied with their lot. I see those Facebook posts “oh I’m sooo glad I moved away from the hole” and I wonder how happy they and why they feel the need to feel superior and put the old place down. Rant over! 🙂

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