Missed Chances

Poem is below

I’m a collector. I like to collect good quality bargains that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them at a knock down price in the charity shop or TK Maxx. Many beautiful things hang around my home – in cupboards, stuffed in wardrobes and hidden in spare rooms. Why don’t I use them? Well, I suppose  it’s because most are so pretty or frivolous that I couldn’t possibly use them on a normal day.   Pretty dresses for the school run? Good china on Tuesday in October?  Unheard of!   The thing is, I don’t have many occasions to wear my pretty dresses and the good china gets pulled out every other year. Why do I keep things good? I could be gone in a blink, actually the last 20 years have gone in a blink already!

I’m going to make changes. I’m going to pull out the nice table covers and those fancy little twisty pastry forks and those crystal glasses we got on our wedding day (14 years ago) and use them.  Then I’m going to look out those nice dresses, pair them up with cardi’s/boots and tights and wear them too. Thing are going to change around here!

Ok if I’m honest, half of those dresses were bought 2 sizes too small for a bargain with the hopes of me one day fitting in to them 😉


Money sitting in the bank

waiting on the rain;

but it’s lashed a million times

and still it sits in vain.


Unworn dress is hanging there

ready for a dance;

but a wallflower it remains –

it seems it missed its chance.


600 thread count bedsheets

sit unopened in the chest.

Special friends have come and gone

but still they’re kept for best.


Spare room has bespoke fittings;

a room to keep on show.

But no-ones ever slept there –

only now it’s such a blow.


Ailing Ann window watches;

she always sits alone.

No one ever visits

and it’s cutting to the bone.


Her bank account’s gained interest

and the balance’s pretty healthy

and the wardrobes packed with vintage

that would impress the very wealthy

and sheets – the best of British

and spare room cost her plenty

and Ann is awfully lonely

and friends, they’ve lost interest

and she’s feeling so much older

and people got much colder

and she wishes she had just:

spent all the money

frolicked in the best dress

had more friends over

slept in the fancy room

on the best of British sheets

But it’s too late now.


In resonse to the daily word prompt waiting

29 thoughts on “Missed Chances

  1. How funny – so many of us buy special, pretty things but then stow them away for preservation. What if we all had a digital tea party? At the same time or during the same week and posted pictures capturing the moment? We don’t have to be in them, but somehow capture the moment…. Maybe it wouldn’t be a visual picture but a picture with words…. Your poem and post have inspired me! And the poem is great – love the visuals!

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