Got the Time to Flow


Shadows dancing on the ceiling

sneaking in a show.

She lays there watching –

got the time

to flow.


Sun is shining in the kitchen

setting her aglow.

She’s basking in warm kisses –

got the time

to flow.


Schoolkids laughter hug her senses

snorting from below.

She’s dreaming of past play days –

got the time

to flow.


Strong black coffee in pyjamas

savouring it slow.

She’s got a day of nothing –

got the time

to flow.


Strange urge to read her diary –

swiftly dealt a blow.

She’s urgently reminded

it’s a work day –

shit, no!


I feel sorry for her.  I’ve never actually missed a work day because I thought it was a holiday; however I was an hour late for a 9am meeting I’d arranged and was Chairing. I sauntered in smiling and thinking it was 9am.  There were angry faces.  The clocks had went back at the weekend and I had no idea – oops!

Anyone else admit to doing something like this?

In response to the daily word prompt urgent.

16 thoughts on “Got the Time to Flow

  1. Just the other day, I forgot I had classes starting at 8:30 instead of 9:15 and stayed in my bedroom studying for my stats midterm. My dad walked in 20 minutes before I had to leave asking me what I was doing haha.

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  2. I almost missed my semester exam once. I thought it was the next day. I called my friend for a chat and her mom picked up and told me she’s off giving the test!!!
    I rushed and I got just 15 minutes of time to write(out of the 2 hours). This was after I begged and fought for an entry in the class. Failed miserably but I still refused to have an absent put beside the test! I can’t reason why though!

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  3. It was Jan.21st, we had a hectic week. By we I mean me, my husband and my last child living home, who was in university at the time. It was also our wedding anniversary. Two days later we were sitting at the dinner table for the first time in over a week together and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Our anniversary had passed without even a word about it. I looked up my husband and daughter were having a conversation about one of her classes. Ah I thought this is my chance and so I began.
    “You know I am really hurt. Neither one of you remembered our wedding anniversary and it was two days ago”. They stopped talking, their heads snapped to attention. I had a sullen look on my face. Their look was shock.
    “NO”, my husband said.
    “OMG”! Was my daughters reply.
    Quietly I said; “Yes, today is the 23rd., my feelings are really hurt”.
    My husbands reply; “You are so full of bull! You forgot too or we would have heard this long before tonight”.
    I couldn’t hold it back any more, I started laughing and then we were all laughing hysterically. We couldn’t believe we all forgot. We had a great celebration that weekend. :o) Does this count????

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