Careful What You Wish For

I’ve been away for a few days, attending an idyllic wedding in Holland. On my return, the Daily Prompt was ‘careful’ and I remembered all of the weddings I’ve been to that have sadly ended in divorce, affairs or both:


Careful dressing up to look her best

Careful with words to impress her guest

Careful what you wish for – friends proclaimed

Careful not to tell – she felt ashamed

Careful meetings hidden from his wife

Careful handling the jigsaw of life

Careful plans to grow old together

Careful to dress for any weather

Careful talks with children left behind

Careful program of child-care assigned

Careful conduct with scorned angry ex

Careful smiling through a life complex

Careful with money – there’s not much spare

Careful with friends – try not to compare

Careful not to roam and breach her trust

Careful hiding his wandering lust

Careful in saying “we’re fine, don’t fret.”

Careful ignoring their deep regret

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