A Day Off



(poem below)

What are the most precious things I’ve collected as I’ve made my way through life? These things have no monetary value – they’re priceless. Some I’ve had since the school days, others I picked up at college or previous jobs; more recently they’ve come from the school gates, next door and even online.


I’ve collected friends and I couldn’t be without them. They are all unique; scattered throughout the world and all offer something different. They were not made to order – but mother nature provided well.  Each are bespoke to my needs, complementing the essence of me and making me who I am today. As was said in a movie once, they “complete me.” I hope I offer the same in return.

It would take me all day to list the things myself and friends have done together, how we’ve helped each other in the past and the fun we’ve had!  Friendships change along the years; the dynamics can alter depending on circumstances – but good friends always hang in there. They can often be better than any therapist, entertainer, doctor or partner.

I wrote a little poem about friendship:

A Day Off

Monday’s girl is like the walking dead,

baby won’t settle, days full of dread.

Tuesday’s girl is depressed and unwell.

Lives alone, she has no one to tell.

Wednesday’s girl has fallen out of love,

resulting in things she’s not proud of.

Thursday’s girl knows she’s drinking too much;

she’s trying to stop but can’t give up.

Friday’s girl is falling through the cracks,

ignored at work, thinks she’ll get the axe.

Saturday’s girl puts on a brace face,

hiding herself behind a façade.


Sundays’ girls are happy as can be;

can forget their woes and be carefree.

They’ll escape from it all, disappear.

Just be themselves ’cause their friends are here.

I was inspired to write this after visiting a wonderful bloggers’ page. The TED talk on friendship is inspiring and fun. You should check it out: https://findingbreathless.com/2016/09/29/sisterhoods-brotherhoods/

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7 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. I so agree. There are seven of us homies who have raised our kids together the last 20+ years. Been there through births, deaths, unemployment, grandkids, marital problems, you name it. And you’re so right. They are definitely better than those dudes you listed! AND a lot cheaper!

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