Let’s Pretend!


Sometimes we need an escape from reality. My mother (I seem to write about her a lot) told me she used to have a trick for getting the housework done quickly. She fancied Steve McQueen and imagined he was coming to visit. I found this hilarious at the time but it got me wondering what lies I also tell myself to get me through. It turns out I tell myself quite a few:


Lets pretend I’m not up early in the morning

and so I stay up drinking past 1.

Lets pretend it’s funny at 7,

when my son bounces on my head for fun.


Let’s pretend the ironing can wait –

it’s not at an Everest proportion.

Let’s pretend I’m desperate to do it –

but today I’ve not go the notion.


Let’s pretend Leo DiCaprio’s coming,

so the housework needs doing fast.

Let’s pretend he’s still as fit and handsome

as he was in the distant past.

(I still dig him though)


Let’s pretend it’s fine she’s 3 weeks late –

you understand, you’ve been skint too.

Let’s pretend you’re not seething on Facebook

at her hotel room with the view.


Let’s pretend I didn’t lose 30 lbs

and work so hard to change.

Let’s pretend it’s fine friends didn’t notice –

they’ve busy lives, it’s not that strange.


Let’s pretend I don’t mind when they forget,

or when people never go to any trouble.

Let’s pretend I don’t think

they’ll all living in their own selfish bubble.


Let’s pretend she’s got another 3 years –

this cancer’s not getting her yet.

Let’s pretend to the boy she’s ok,

Granny’s got the flu – don’t fret.


Let’s pretend it’s all good –

we’re coping, we’re not living in dread.

Let’s pretend everything’s fine,

we’re not worrying about what lies ahead.


Let’s pretend I’m somewhere else –

I can escape for a while and be real.

Let’s pretend my name is Beth

and I can write everything that I feel.


Sometimes you just need to pretend in order to get through things, whether it be a difficult assignment or something longer term that’s troubling you. I wonder what lies we all tell ourselves? We all do it, it’s not just me – is it?

In response to the daily word prompt pretend

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend!

  1. It’s not just you. I pretend too. Let’s pretend I don’t feel guilty to not have visited my Dad in the last 5 years although I knew Dementia will eventually get to him. Let’s pretend I did not pretend that I would be fine to lose him without telling him one more time how much I love him. Let’s pretend I’m not incredibly grateful to have seen my Dad one more time because we decided to travel back to Switzerland and I thought I can spend some more quality time with him… Let’s pretend I’m not telling all of this for the first time to someone I had no connection with but for some reason feel close… I’m glad I didn’t pretend while I was with him and told him how much he meant to me and always will. 😀

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  2. Very well written. but the part that i can really truly relate to – “Lets pretend it’s funny at 7,when my son bounces on my head for fun.”..except that it’s something i have to pretend at 6! there is so much that you have said and covered in these words…wonderful to read.

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