3 Quotes, 3 Day Challenge – Day 1

Source: The Atlantic (link in blog post below)

Thank you, Janebasilblog for nominating me for this challenge. Jane is a talented writer who can pull at your heart strings, make you sob and then cry with laughter. You should pop over for a look.

  1. Rules of the challenge:
  2. Three quote for three days.
  3. Three nominees each day(no repetition).
  4. Thank the person who nominated you.
  5. Inform the nominees.

It’s been thought provoking doing my research for my first quote and in the end I’ve picked this one from Martin Luther King Jnr:

 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King Jnr

I found this fitting for todays’ climate of hatred, suspicion and fear stemming from the media and politicians and filtered to the masses. All because of a tiny minority of people pretending to act in the name of religion.  Terrorism isn’t new to me. I remember the IRA and their bombs. My mother being worried I’d be blown up when I went to London for the weekend. Did the worlds view of Christians change because of the IRA? I’m not aware of any changes of peoples’ views towards me.

 It’s a worrying time now but sadly this hatred of others isn’t new. A search in to Google Images for Anti-Immigration Propaganda pulls many posters – some dating back over a 100 years. I found worldwide propaganda wanting to keep the following groups out: Catholics; Muslims; Chinese; Japanese; Italians; Irish; and more recently any refugees fleeing war torn countries.  This article from the Atlantic showcases some of these vitriolic cartoons.  Although some may be classed as Political Satire, there was a definite sinister attitude towards immigrants at the turn of the 20th century.

What’s to become of the people seeking sanctuary and being refused?  I can’t imagine how they must feel to go through so much and then be treated like this.


An Advert in the UK encouraging people to vote to leave the EU and ‘take back control’. We’re leaving now and world thinks we’re all racists.

What have we learned from the mistakes of the past? I think we’ve learned nothing.


A 2015 Daily Mail Anti-Refugee Cartoon depicting Muslims with rifles and as rats – reminiscent of a Nazi Rats Propaganda Cartoon:

Source: Huffingtonpost

I know it’s cheating, but it’s still Martin Luther King Jnr and echoes my sentiments in ending:


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate;

only love can do that.”


and this quote also from Martin Luther King Jnr:

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”


3 blogs I always enjoy reading and recommend you visit are:





11 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 Day Challenge – Day 1

    • YOu don’t even have to do it. I’ve had 3 other people nominate me for other things during the last few days and haven’t done any of them ye. Oh, to be popular 🙂 Honestly, if you’re busy it’s fine.


  1. To think I almost missed this amazing post! I want to shake you by the hand or hug you, or something.
    Racism is one of the few things which makes me so angry that I find it hard to express myself clearly – but I don’t have to with you. We abviously share the same views.
    Martin Luther King Junior was a great man. I only saw my mother cry three times in my life. The second time I was 13. It was the day that the news came over the radio that Martin Luther King had died.

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