Enough for Heaven?


What would I want from heaven

if my time down here was done?

For people to be generous

and have love for everyone.


I don’t know where heaven is

or if indeed – it exists.

It’s difficult to comprehend –

and my mind, it still resists.


I can’t help but be so sceptical,

I have to see it to believe.

But faith, it isn’t like that –

your trust in god should never leave.


I don’t go to church on Sunday,

but my kindness knows no bounds.

Is that enough for heaven?

Would I get in on those grounds?


Do we have to wait for heaven

for the all things we love?

Can’t we make this life of ours

as good as afterlife above?


It’s easy for me to say that –

I’m not sick or near deceased.

If the tables turned around though,

I’d be at church to see the priest.

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11 thoughts on “Enough for Heaven?

  1. I’m going to surf a 100 foot wave in heaven.

    I’m going to ride on an eagle and swim with killer whales.

    I’ll finally hear Bono crooning “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and not relate.

    I’m going say with true words, “finally.”


  2. What a lovely post 🙂

    I personally do believe in Heaven & only because you asked, I’ll comment…
    ‘Belief in Jesus Christ is all you need…not your good works or your deeds, so search within your heart & you will find…he’s here, with arms open wide’.. ❤ 🙂

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