Nobody Cares


He’s weeping and wasting

worn out and worried.

Anxious and waiting –

but no one is willing.


He’s alone and abandoned,

accused and angry.

Demanding attention –

But no one’s abiding.


He was cruel and controlling,

cold and chastising.

He’s trying to coax them –

But no one is caring.


He’s contorted and crying,

crashing and crumbling.

Wanting consoled –

but no one is coming.


He persecuted, patronized,

poisoned and penalised.

Innocence proclaimed –

but now he is paying.


He’s seeking salvation,

scrambling for solace.

Drowning in silence

and deserves to be shunned.


Caged birds are free now

from the harm and hatred.

Healing and hopeful –

flying high and elated.

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23 thoughts on “Nobody Cares

  1. I read it last night but had trouble logging in on my phone, was commenting on previous version which made me think of a brave, rising Phoenix. I read it to mean that victims of this guy are now free. The former draft made me think the birds in cages phrase was an unexpected switch to metaphor because “blistered” made me question the meaning to get to the heart of your message, and it connected the last stanza to the ones before. Retaining the literal, I couldn’t understand why a caged bird is free from harm and can fly elated, but “blistered and brave” intrigued me enough to solve it. I like moving, powerful words from the gut, metaphor and strong imagery and I like this revised last stanza too, it is aesthetically pleasing. Thumbs up, it is good, and I’m happy for you. I still want to comment that you are very brave indeed and dub you “Phoenix Rising”.


    • Wow thanks so much for the feedback – much appreciated. I can see what you mean about the last stanza. If taken literally I was meaning they were now uncaged and free but it’s confusing because I said they were caged! You’re right, the previous version with blistered was meant to connect to the rest of the poem and show that he’s damaged them. In the end I went for aesthetically pleasing, but perhaps by doing this I lost the original feeling it instilled. Thanks again for taking the time to review and comment.


      • You’re welcome. I do love your blog! I let (especially writers) read and critique so much of my stuff they complain, but it is helpful. (Oh and I really love “dreamer; secret writer; childcare pro and lover of comfy slippers”- copyright every word, that’s precious.)

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  2. All of your writing engages the readers (me especially) to keep reading, rereading, and to “unpack” the meaning and deeper meaning. Definitely haunting and engaging, this one. You’ve really captured someone (or more) here. 🙂

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