Then and Now



Matching lace lingerie

Many adventures across the globe

The time I wore nothing under my coat

Those whole evenings of passionate kissing

That manly stubble

Suspenders and thigh split skirts

Setting up our place together

High heels

Hours and hours in bed not sleeping

Your scent

Your perfect bum

Never-ending happiness

Never wanting to be that unspeaking couple in the restaurant

Weddings & christenings

Walking on air

Without a care

Being ourselves

Being genuine

Feeling beautiful

Feeling you stroke my naked back for hours until I slept

One day apart was a day too long

On my mind always

Excitement for the future



Hold-me-in pants

Holidays close by in case we’re needed

Pecks on the lips

Push up bras on special occasions

Putting things off

Walking on eggshells

Weekends catching up with the ironing

Practical socks

Passionate kissing = foreplay

Hospitals & funerals


Flat comfy shoes

Forgetting who I am

The time I wore my sheepskin slippers to the neighbours

That cyclers bum

Wondering if we’re that couple in the restaurant

Worried about the future


Carefully worded conversations

Carrying the weight of the world

Never feeling beautiful

Not knowing if I can do it right

Your scent

Your manly stubble

The sound of your snoring keeping me awake again

One day apart is a break

On my mind sometimes

Let’s see what the future brings

*Some of this isn’t true

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18 thoughts on “Then and Now

    • Thank you. After writing it, I felt quite deflated (even though it’s not all true). Some of it was funny but other bits quite depressing. I didn’t realise just how carefree we were back then and then external influences can burst your bubble and it can be tough going – as it must be for everyone. It got me thinking that I should at least nip down to the shops for some new undies though 🙂

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