Tonight I discovered that a 7 year old in my childs’ class was recently diagnosed with a severe life limiting illness and has gone downhill so fast, he’s in a wheelchair already. The future is bleak. His daddy was telling me a few days ago on a school trip that they’re off to Disneyland soon. I was going to ask him why the boy was in a wheelchair (he never had been before). I didn’t. I stupidly thought he must have hurt his foot. I’m not sure I’d have found the right words if he’d told me 😦

Tonight I learned that a close friend has been pushed so far to the edge that she’s tried to jump off.

Tomorrow my terminally ill mother-in-law is coming to stay overnight. She’s coming for a hospital appointment to see if her cancer has spread to her eyes.

Tonight I hugged my little boy a little tighter when I tucked him in to bed.

Tonight I cried a river and my heart hurts.



What if we were all see through?

What if we could know how people feel

by looking in?

If we could see an aching heart,

or tormented soul –

would we offer our compassion?


What if our feelings were coloured

and radiated from us?

The rainbow colours flowing out of our pores,

naked for all.

What if we knew those dim and weak colours,

those were the people in need?

What would we do?

Would we offer our compassion then?


I wish I could find out. If we could see what was going on, we’d be better prepared to help. We could listen to them before they’re at the stage of hanging off the edge.


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25 thoughts on “Transparent

  1. Challenges comes to us all and though we seem to endure and pass through the storm, for some it is not so easy and the challenge breaks them or carries them away. It is most likely easier for us not to see in another person’s mind. I loved your post, the poem is beautiful.


  2. Being transparent is something we avoid being. We don’t want people to see our weaknesses. But sometime we just wish we can see other as see though. To know why that one person is down. Life never been that simple and never will, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show companionship everyday, no mater how the people of this world our doing. At least, that how I see it.

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  3. Some days, it feels as if everything — every imaginable trouble or worry — is piling on. It seems unbearable. And some days, it seems as if we are completely incapable of offering any kind of support to our fellow human beings. I think there is such anguish at these moments (for all involved – including you). I find your writing (specifically this post and poem) makes it possible for us to listen to this suffering and to experience it with you, others. It is like we are mentally holding these people in our minds and hands. I am so thankful you had the courage to write this and share.

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  4. Oh dear, this is heartfelt and raw. Left me staring at the monitor for a while… *sigh*

    What if we were all see through?
    What if we could know how people feel by looking in?
    If we could see an aching heart or tormented soul –
    would we offer our compassion?

    ~These questions really struck me most.

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  5. In fact, we’re transparent. Look at the happy face of someone who’s finally landed that much needed job, at a proud couple watching their little one walking his first steps, at a woman feeling hurt because her partner doesn’t respect her, at someone’s about to cry because a loved one is seriously ill… We’re all transparent. We just have to look at each other in a different, more compassionate way.

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    • Thanks for commenting. Yes, we often are transparent fortunately. I was shocked when I wrote this because I’d been walking for miles every day, just talking with my friend and she hid her feelings well. I had no idea she was close to putting an end to it 😦

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  6. 😉 Quite beautiful, your poem touched my heart. You may have guessed I’m middle aged, 🙂 age is a talent all bloggers guess correctly. Anyway the older I become the more I realise one can be sailing through life in one’s only little world and then something can happen that spins one’s life right round and it frightens me. A doctor once told me that at the end of the day you should always hug your loved ones tightly, you reminded me of that 🙂


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