The Sandwich Man



Went out to walk as usual,

at half past 5 today.

I always know you’ll be there,

‘cause you’d never go away.


Laid out along that wood bench,

like you’re lounging on a couch.

I wonder if you have one –

this your only place to slouch?


I’m sad to see you eating,

from that same ‘ol bin buffet.

That sandwich blue n mouldy –

If I could help you, I would pay.


It wasn’t always like this,

you were happy and lived well.

But it seemed to change so quickly,

when your mind – it tripped and fell.


The illness took your senses,

and muddled with your mind.

And mom, she couldn’t take it;

then payments got behind.


You think you left to help us,

but our jigsaw’s not complete.

The picture makes no sense now,

but I refuse to get downbeat.


Dad we’ll get you help soon;

your life out here is wrong.

The picture will be perfect,

when you’re home where you belong.


from the daily word prompt sandwich

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15 thoughts on “The Sandwich Man

  1. What a beautifully crafted poem! I am so impressed how you tackle (what for me are) difficult words from the Daily Prompt, and then you are able to include end rhyme. Truly moving … pulls at the heart strings. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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