Look Away


Look away from that screen,

you’re missing out on your life.

Busy ‘liking’ others,

but ignoring your wife.


Look away from that screen,

you’re missing the school races.

Photographing our son –

but don’t see joy in others’ faces.


Look away from that screen,

you’re missing holiday fun.

Busy social networking –

but not social here with anyone.


Look away from that screen,

you’re missing the wedding shindig.

Too busy checking gossip,

when your wife wants to jig.


Look away from that screen,

your life’s right here – look up!

You’ll regret ignoring me

when we finally break-up.


Say goodbye to that screen,

I’m throwing it into the sea.

Plop – there it goes.



In response to the daily word prompt plop

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A bereavement counsellor told me that they often train youths on bereavement by asking them to imagine losing their phones, as it’s a grieving process if a phone is lost or damaged.  The phone is such a key part of their lives today that it’s heart-breaking to lose one.  Perhaps the phone is more dependable than a physical being? Machines don’t swear undying love one day, only to run off with your friend the next.  Of course, it’s not just youths who are deeply attached to the mobile phone – most of us would struggle without our phone.

Having said that, what does get to me is lack of phone etiquette.  As we grow up we’re brought up with an imaginary book of manners and etiquette. The obvious things like please and thank-you and other niceties like holding a door open for the person behind you and not ignoring people when they talk to you. Good solid manners.  So what happened when mobile phones came along? They never added rules to the book!

Those people who were initially annoyed when friends started checking their phone when in mid-conversation, just sort of shrugged it off after a while and now it’s part of life. Nobody was strong enough to question the rudeness.  Ah, perhaps we were ALL TOO POLITE to question the impolite?  Typical scenario: “Oh look, I know I was just getting to the climax about how XXX proposed to me in Rome; but hey, I see you’ve got to check what’s happening on Facebook right now. I’m cool with that. I’ll wait around for 10 minutes whilst you laugh and giggle at what XXX ate last night.”

You know what? I’m not cool with it. Not at all.

21 thoughts on “Look Away

  1. What a challenging word – plop – but I love how you handled it in your poem! I love the sound objects make when dropped in water. I think the way you used it is a playful way especially placed next to the more somber tone of the distracted user. (I can so relate to that person but I desperately want to remain pleasant!) Glad you shared this in response to the Daily Prompt. 🙂

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  2. I love that poem, and all that you say appears to be true in most cases, but since I started blogging it’s made me a happier person, so I feel more like socialising, and it’s also given me more confidence to do so. It turns out I’m funny, intelligent and interesting!
    But then, I like to think that blogging is unlike other social media…

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  3. I got anxiety just thinking about losing my phone. Plop! Nooooo!! Hehe. I enjoyed your writing and your sentiments though. It’s all true, but ack!! I feel so vulnerable without my phone, and I remember the era of land lines with long spiral cords and pay phones . How did we ever manage?🌹😊❤️


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