The Last Act


I’m an actor on the stage,

aren’t we all?

Playing our role in life –

awaiting the next curtain call.


Navigating different landscapes,

we adapt to the set.

Might sound melodramatic –

but my acting days under threat.


Pain inside is worse now,

the location’s in my lung.

Tragedy wasn’t my genre –

there are stories left unsung.


I was meant to see my daughter wed

and eat her wedding cake.

My grandson’s still so little,

I’ll not see him graduate.


But what’s the point in being gloomy?

I’m here to entertain.

It’s important to enjoy life;

I’ll just keep singing in the rain.


You see life is a stage set

and I’m nearing the last act.

‘Til then I’ll go on inspiring,

I’ve an audience to attract!


In response to the daily word prompt cake

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