Monday Blues


Aren’t people strange?

thought Aida, the bagel girl

with the sparkling diamond ring.

On Mondays there’s a change. 


She told the Friday crowd

she hoped to get her ring.

Excitement and Joy!

Now they don’t say a thing. 


They are lighter on a Friday.

Misery discarded  –

full of anticipation,

on the way to the station. 


Mondays they’re dark;

and don’t give a shit

about your weekend –

about any of it. 


Monday rain

extinguishes memories,

dampens their mood –

makes them rude. 


No time to smile

or look around

or talk.

Gotta get to work

and off this sidewalk. 


Nobody notices the rainbow;

or the toddler jumping puddles;

or the starlings dancing overhead;

or other peoples’ struggles.


Sweet Aida smiles in the kiosk, 

flaunting her new diamond ring.

Nobody notices –

they don’t see a thing.


Maybe it’ll be different on Friday.


This here is why I work from home. In response to daily word prompt sidewalk

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