Always and Forever


I want you to be my person.

Always and forever.

When growing old

we’ll hobble along

taking our time



I won’t be able to catch the cats,

but they’ll run off –


of my fierce bark.


I’ll wait for you coming home,

just like I always do.

Woofing and ecstatic

to finally see you!


It’ll be hard jumping high for kisses,

but you’ll be unsteady on your feet

– so that’ll be against your wishes.

You’ll come down to cuddle me instead.


Retirement will come,

you’ll be home all day then.

We’ll nap and watch re-runs of Crufts.

Never alone again.


One or two walks a day,

that’s all we’ll need.

You’ll see my old legs slowing,

– but you won’t pull my lead.

You’ve always been nice like that.


I won’t hear the postman every time

to bark hello;

but you’ll see him coming down the path

and give me a nudge

to let me know.


The first time I saw you,

I knew you were kind

You say you picked me,

but you were my find.


In memory of Shandy; Lass; Bunty and Jarvis – my furry friends. A dogs’ love is unconditional. Always and forever in our hearts.

In response to the daily prompt fierce

12 thoughts on “Always and Forever

  1. Lovely! The last two lines (“You say you picked me/ but you were my find.”) especially resonated with me. It is so exquisitely accurate in a way we don’t completely appreciate right away, but then it becomes quite clear — they pick us!

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