Little Voice


This ‘can do’ attitude is why I love toddlers. Maybe we all need (a little bit of) this!


I wish I could talk more, and tell you how I’m feeling.

If I could explain it, I could lay off on the squealing.


You see I’m not yet 2 and don’t have the all the language;

Sometimes shouting is the best way to get a sandwich!


There are times I’m awake and bored in the night,

I just need a little company and for you to hear my  plight.


When I wake you in this dark ungodly hour,

I hear you tut and say I have a strong will power.


You’re so lucky that you get more time with me.

Doesn’t matter if you sleep in for work

– I know you will agree!


I love toys so much, of that, you are aware.

So why, then, do you try to make me share?


If I want them, I’ll get them –

and there’s nothing you can do.

I don’t care if I scream and frighten little Hugh!


You love me more than anyone in the land –

but can I ask you to listen to this demand?


You don’t realise and it’s time for you to see –



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8 thoughts on “Little Voice

  1. Every night (well, early morning), my two year old decides to visit our bed — specifically my side of the bed. But it is refreshing to read a poem that attempts to capture a young child’s voice. 🙂 Well done!

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