Cheating at Life – It’s Time to Talk

Again, I thought yesterdays’ poem was incomplete and so here’s the poem with a response. I’m realising my Blog Name ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ is fitting because I’m not satisfied until people see 2 sides of the story!




Don’t you feel guilty cheating at life?

When misery and toil around you is rife?

You seem to win at every race –

I don’t know how you can keep a straight face.


This college is for the brightest of brains,

but you got in with rich blood in your veins.

Don’t tell me your daddy didn’t have a word,

the lines between truth and lies are blurred.


Everyone knows why you’re getting those grades,

you can stop now with this game of charades.

Our Head of Department seems rather smitten

with your fake plastic smile – are your answers rewritten?


I can see through your fake tanned face,    *

and realise now that you’ve reserved first place.

So I might be brilliant and have great work to show,

But getting on top is due to people you know.


This country is run by people like you,

the weak and poor are discarded – it’s true.

It takes a will of fire to climb over the rich.

It really is a shame that life’s such a bitch!



It’s sad you think I’m expert in deception,

and to this, I do take exception.

I studied hard to get those results –

can’t we discuss this like mature adults?


I am from money, I can’t deny that;

and when getting into college, father did play a part.

But as far as help goes, that’s where it ended;

believe it or not, I study what’s recommended.


You’ve all decided I’m a privileged brat,

but I have to deal with daddy – the autocrat.

I’ve got the Head on top of me every day,

and if I fail – I’ll have a hard price to pay.


Ok, you’ve got me, it is fake tan.

I’m pale ‘cause I’ve been in since this course began.

If I don’t do well I’ll be in serious trouble,

but you just continue living in your own bubble.


This country’s run by the upper classes,

but I’m not immune to the suffering of the masses.

If you only took the time to talk and engage,

you’d realise then that we’re on the same page.  😦


In response to daily word challenge Expert


*seeing through fake tan was pinched from the excellent Arctic Monkeys

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