If I Could, I Would



If I could, I would get us tickets for a trip to the moon;

where we’d walk around for a minute

and decide it wasn’t ‘all that’

before coming home for movie night –

which we would agree was better.


If I could, I would charter a boat and leave with you tomorrow,

to sail around the ocean.

We’d stop by quiet palm tree beaches,

and swim in the clear sea

with only the dolphins for company.

We’d eat limitless self-service ice-cream with all the toppings we could dream of;

and drift day and night through the changing seasons

feeling the exhilarating wind and rain bounce off our faces.

Finally high fiving when our teamwork brought us to calmer waters.


If I could, I would put you on my back and we’d take off into the skies.

We’d migrate with butterflies to warmer climates;

where we’d be in awe of the volcanoes and creatures you only see in National Geographic.


If I could I would swing by Disney land and take you on that Dumbo Ride that you were afraid of;

And you’d squeal with delight when you made us go higher, and agree it wasn’t scary after all.


If I could, I would take you to school that first time, with a lump in my throat;

because I’d be proud of you but sad you were growing away from me some more.


If I could, I would watch you running out of school,

with your shirt tails hanging out and a big smile on your crumb covered face.

I’d pat your hair and ask how it went

and you’d say it was good, you might go back tomorrow.


If I could, I would let you have all the bubbles in the bath, and then switch the Jacuzzi on one more time and listen to you laugh and scream at the bubble mountain around you.


If I could, I would dress you in the soft tartan jammies, the ones you got for Christmas.

I’d smell your hair as I tucked you in to bed,

and stroke and kiss your soft cheeks

inhaling your sweet smell

telling you tomorrow would be even better


If I could, I would


In response to the daily prompt ‘moon


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